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Stirring up Pleasure

Notes : Warm Croissant, Cranberries, Crème Brulée, Rose Blossom Water

Fragrance Description :  Overose Euphoriasme melts the sweetness of warm croissant coated with caramelized sugar and the tartness of ripe cranberries with a splash of rose blossom water.

Euphoriasme will bring to your house the delicious aroma of a Parisian bakery in the morning when croissants come out of the oven, cream puffs glisten in the window and colourful fresh bouquets are arranged on the marble counter top.

Are you curious about Euphoriasme ingredients textures ? 


This candle is housed in Overose signature monochromatic purple design. All Overose candles are formulated with essential oils and dreamy fragrances to burn cleanly with an excellent cold and hot throw and to be cruelty free, vegan and free of phthalates.


Size 240 g - Burn time up to 60h.

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