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“Pretending I’m in the middle of a rose garden just after the rain shower and indulging in the most intoxicating dreamy aroma of roses & rain” - Roses & Rain

Nudesse is generously infused with rose essence which results in a powerful and unmatched diffusion, both lit and unlit giving you the sensation of sinking into a mass of soft pink petals.

The fragrance emphasises on the sweetness of the rose petals when the blossoming is at its peak. The scent of a rose garden after the rain, dew dripping from leaf to leaf, intensely floral, slightly sweet and very fresh.

Key Notes

  • May Rose
  • Turkish Rose
  • Damask Rose

Review Highlights

A sexy ass scent

This is a sexy ass scent. Basically sex in a candle. Roses literally filling the room. Smells like FRESH FLOWERS!!! Ugh can't wait to repurchase!!!

The perfect rose!

This is the most perfect rose scent - it smells just like real roses without being artificial or heavy or overly flowery. It’s clean, light and fresh. I burn mine in my guest room as it is universally appealing and inviting!

Sweet rose

Not only is this the most gorgeous rose scent that lights up my life, the jar is so pretty and perfect for spring and summer. Love love love!

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How to Use

To make sure your candle burns beautifully we recommend you to

- Let it burn long enough to melt the entire surface on top of the candle for two to three hours the first time you light it

- Burn the candle for two or three hours at a time. Burning the candle longer could lead to the jar heating up and could damaged the candle

- Re-centre the wick towards the middle once you blow the flame. Once the wax pool becomes liquid, the wick can move and fall into the wax

- Your candle should burn cleanly. Before each burn, trim the wick to ¼" long to avoid smoke and get a longer burn

- Do not burn the candle until the base when there is less then ¼" of wax left

- Ideally use a snuffer to put our your candle

- Never leave a burning candle unattended

- Never move your candle while burning

- Keep your candle out of reach of children and animals

- Keep your candle away from anything that could catch fire

We hope that you will enjoy your candle and that the fragrance will bring joy and happiness to you.


All Overose candles are formulated with essential oils and dreamy fragrances to burn cleanly with an excellent cold and hot throw and to be cruelty free, vegan and free of phthalates. Burn time up to 60h.

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Annie C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love my candle

Beautiful its fragrant bloom fills not just one room but the whole house. Divine candle Thank u ❤️

Karen b.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

My favourite candles ever!!!!�

I have purchased over 25 candle from you this year The only thing I would like is a small discount in the future as these are my absolute favourite things ever xxxxx

Henna O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Trust me you need it. It’s the most fresh rosey smell which smells stunning even without being lit! My fave candle brand can’t go wrong trust me!!



I never leave reviews but my God, this is heaven on another level. A very kind friend gifted this to me for Christmas. I had covid and I couldn't smell yet, therefore, didn't light it for ages. When my smell came back I kept going over to it to take a massive whiff and because it was so gorgeous I didn't want it to end so kept putting off lighting it. Anyway, it's been burning now for months and it's honestly the most stunning scent. Like expensive candied roses. And it does fill the whole house. I'm sensitive to smells, I get migraines and headaches but this is a smell I could just eat up. Soapy Diptyque pales in comparison. I'm totally torn now because I want to try all the other candles, but also want to buy twenty more of the Nudesse! Small votives would be ideal so you can sample, but it sounds from the reviews like all these candles are equally beautiful so I don't think you can go wrong with any one of them. Would also really like these candles to come in off-white or black (neutral) jars as well as pink/purple- selfishly, just so it will match my living room as well as the bedroom! Thank you Overose <3

Lynn D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


I have now had two of these candles, they are beautiful and fill each room with the scent.They are expensive though and there never seems to be any offers on them which is a shame for others.Also selfridges advertised them at £9, this was false advertising as they were never in stock.