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Roses & Rain

“Pretending I’m in the middle of a rose garden just after the rain shower and indulging in the most intoxicating dreamy aroma of roses & rain”

What is it: Roses for now, Roses for ever. Overose Nudesse is our bestselling fragrance infused with Roses & Rain

Why it's dreamy?

- Nudesse combines two personal obsessions — Roses and Rain — in a signature composition.

- The fragrance emphasises on the sweetness of the rose petals when the blossoming is at its peak. The scent of a rose garden after the rain, dew dripping from leaf to leaf, intensely floral, slightly sweet and very fresh.

- The candle is generously infused with rose essence which results in a powerful and unmatched diffusion, both lit and unlit giving you the sensation of sinking into a mass of soft pink petals.

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