Anthurium Holo

“Pretending I’m dancing through a field of wildflowers, dipping my feet in a small pond to cool off while eating the berries I have picked, out of a woven wood basket“

What is it: Overose Anthurium is a fruity floral scented candle infused with Blackcurrant Berries, Dewy Rose Petals, Fresh Lychee Fruits and Tomato Leaves.

Why it's dreamy?

- The mouthwatering tartness of ripe blackcurrant berries sweetened with fresh lychee fruit pulp is infinitely mood-boosting

- The feeling of walking barefoot in a rose garden, the sensation of the soft grass under your foot, the delicate floral aroma in the fresh misty air immediately calm your senses.

- The softly green notes of Tomato Leaves brings an ethereal freshness, sweet and zesty that lingers on and creates a dreamy signature home scent.